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The Other Side of the Coin- a Samoyed Puppy Shortage

Right now in the United States, there is a shortage of well bred Samoyeds. I might even go on to say there is a shortage of Samoyeds as a whole. The popularity of the breed has skyrocketed, and has been on the rise for years. There are social media sensations like Coconut Rice Bear and Maya Polarbear making the breed more widely known amongst the general population. As a breeder who has adored this breed my entire life, I am glad that people are recognizing how amazing Samoyeds are.

Unfortunately, the number of Samoyed puppies produced and registered has not increased at all to meet demand. In fact, it has gone down. The number of Samoyed puppies produced seems to be going down, even with an increase in the number of breeders registering puppies who do not meet basic health testing requirements or pedigree research, let alone prove their dogs through showing or performance events.

A well-educated buyer knows that health testing, pedigree research, and depth of knowledge regarding bloodlines are the basic foundations of finding a good breeder. A breeder’s success at competitions is also a good sign that they stand behind the quality of their dogs. When these well-intentioned prospective buyers go on a search, they know what they need to find. They desperately WANT to support a good breeder. But they are having a hard time finding a puppy.

As breeders, we are aware of the problem. We are aware that there is a shortage of puppies. We are sorry. We hear your frustration, and we hear the anger you have because you KNOW you would make a perfect home for a puppy. We are sure you would be a great home too.

We get hundreds of people approaching us for puppies each year. The vast majority are coming to us to buy a pet for their family. We love that because our dogs are our pets first and foremost. We adore the people who we build relationships with and get to add to our ArticCross Family.

From speaking with other breeders, I know we are not alone. We struggle constantly to field hundreds of inquiries and try to connect them to a good breeder who might have an available puppy. We aren’t trying to keep any good home away from getting their dream Samoyed.

We are exhausted. I can speak from personal experience. I am a breeder but it is not my only life. I also work an “essential” job, where the increase in demand for our services has been overwhelming since the pandemic started. I do breed dogs, but I had to make the decision this fall to pass on having a litter because I know I am too busy to handle puppies right now. That is the responsible choice to not bring puppies into the world that cannot get the attention and foundation they deserve.

In addition, the stress and pressure from my job has also left me with less energy to field the dozens of inquiries I receive each week. I can mindlessly read and respond to Facebook posts and socialize. But I don’t have the energy to screen people to see if they might be a great puppy owner, I don’t have the energy to network for the prospective buyer and try to find them a puppy. I am sorry, I am tired.

We want people to find their new family members. We care deeply about our puppies, but also the people who come to us. The struggle is that we are one kennel among a shrinking handful of other kennels. As a breeding community we can only produce so many puppies. We are sorry you are mad, frustrated, and feel like we don’t care. I can tell you, that is not the case.

So that is the other side of the coin.

If you stuck with me this long, here are some tips to help you stick out from the crowd:

  1. It is ok to network with breeders, but also get to know other Samoyed owners. You see a Samoyed on Facebook or at the park that sticks out to you, and you know you NEED one. Ask that person who their breeder is, their experience, and about their dog. Become friends with them, and get to know about the breed from their first-hand experience, and maybe they have other Samoyed owners you can talk to as well. Have genuine conversation, not just social media stalking. We all know that social media only paints a segment of reality. Figure out if the breed is truly the right breed for you and your family. Our owners are often referring to us some of the best homes we have. The more people you befriend in the community, the more we know you are a serious home. Not just a tire kicker who thinks the breed is cute.

  2. Please do not send the same email to every breeder on a list. We can tell when something is being sent that is generic enough to copy and paste to every breeder out there. We want to know how you found us, and why you think you want a puppy from us, specifically. If you followed through on #1, above, we know you will know the answer to why you want a puppy from us!

  3. Consider rescue. Puppies are lovely, cute, and adorable. The majority of puppies I know need just as much work and dedication (or more) to grow into amazing dogs, as a rescue dog would need. Sometimes it is just a different type of work. Could you put work into an adult rescue?

  4. Consider similar breeds, or even a mixed breed rescue. I get it, nothing is like a Samoyed. I could never be without one in my life. But I also know there are AMAZING dogs of other breeds, and also mixed breed rescues who might fit in your life.

  5. Be patient!


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