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Our Puppies

Puppy Kisses

Philosophy on Placing Puppies

  • An application is required from all prospective puppy owners. 
    o    The questionnaire is an important tool to learn about the new owner and it is extremely important to fit the right puppy to the right family. Once a questionnaire has been approved, we spend quite some time phone interviewing prospective homes at length. A quiet couple who stay at home is probably not going to be happy with the most rambunctious pup in the litter. A family who goes hiking and camping are not going to be happy if all their dog wants to do is sleep in the tent!

  • ArticCross pups are family members. 
    o    They live in the home with their people.  ArticCross pups are raised in my home. Time spent with baby puppies is essential. I assist the mother in whelping, I sleep alongside the whelping pen for several weeks. I only breed when I have the time to immerse myself in the type of care I believe is crucial to the development of sound social skills and temperament. All pups are raised equally. This means that the extensive socialization and skill learning that are required to produce the best working dog for my uses are given to ALL pups regardless of potential for performance or show.

  • The more time you spend in the first year of your pup’s life teaching and training him how to be a good dog, the more fun you will have when he is an adult. 
    o    I like to see pups who are active with their owners regardless of intent to show or compete. I strongly advocate puppy kindergarten classes as well as basic obedience training. To encourage this, I will refund $50 of the pup’s price upon verified receipt of certificate of a dog’s having passed a basic obedience class. It is just that important to me as well as to the life of that pup.  

  • ArticCross pups are given the best start at life possible.  
    o    ArticCross puppies have been on car rides, play with both a not so nice cat and a very friendly one, they have free-play to run in the grass, I play small learning games with them, they are cuddled and held, they have spent time alone in a crate and with littermates, housetraining is started, and all of them react instantly to the various whistles that I use to call them for different things. Pups who I raise remember me years later, and the sound of my whistle can bring an adult dog who has not seen me since it was 8 weeks old barreling toward me.

  • I believe a good breeder is available to answer questions.
    o    It is important to be available to help those new to the breed and to direct new owners towards resources that will assist them towards having a healthy, happy companion. Facebook is often the best way to reach me, although I’m known to spend hours on the phone!

  • If at any time, for any reason, a dog produced by ArticCross cannot stay with its original family it must be returned to ArticCross.

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