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GRCH CH Hawkwind’s ArticCross Emerald, CA, ROMX



CH Hawkwind's Mont Blanc


CH Hawkwind's Emerald Jade


Jun 12, 2006

| DOD: 

Jul 31, 2020



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Rico is, bar none, the sweetest male Sam I’ve ever met. Friendly to a fault, he often tries to play with other Sams while waiting outside the ring. He does well with other males of any breed, even when there are girls in season, he’s simply having too much fun in life to bother squabbling.

Rico’s movement is stunning from any angle, with a strong driving rear and a front that balances all that incredible power. He often appears to be moving slowly as his ground covering stride-length epitomizes “no wasted motion or energy”. His beautiful biscuit and white coat is correct and very harsh.

With a headpiece to die for, Rico still shows he is more than just a pretty face and works hard for a living. He learns fast and has been my back-up Mobility Assistance Service Dog since he was 18 months old. He has great sensitivity and is cognizant of when it is time to buckle down and work. He often surprises me by assisting when I either hadn’t requested his help or when he decides to do a trick (like pick up my socks) that I haven’t yet taught him.

Full of joy, Rico works hard to make people smile, earning the nickname “Mr. Charming” when he won his first Best of Breed at 9 months of age. He especially loves his beautiful Berner girls and his face lights up when he spots one of “his” girls. He likes to share his dinner with girls in season – carrying a chicken frame to their crate to woo them.

So far, Rico has produced wonderful puppies. Including FISH, Heli, Sookie, Mendel, Fraggle and Kiska! Check out their individual pages by clicking their names!

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