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BISS GCH ArticCross n Double Helix Unzip Your Genes, CDX BN GN RE OA OAJ NF CA CGC



GRCH CH Hawkwind’s ArticCross Emerald, CA (Rico)


GCH CH Hawkwind Rocks the Gene Pool (Allele)


Nov 18, 2010

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NEWS FLASH! Heli takes Highest Scoring Dog in Regular Classes and Highest Scoring Champion of Record in Obedience at the 2012 Samoyed Club of America National Specialty. This girl has brains and beauty!

Heli was the Purple Girl in the litter. Her name, ”Heli”, is short for “helicase” a class of enzymes that separate the two strands of the double helix that are the DNA form. The use of helicase essentially unzips genes.

Heli is a bright, outgoing, fun loving Sam girl who is also called “Hell’s Bells” on occassion. She has had a great show career so far going RWB at the National Specialty in 2011. She also took RWB at two other major specialties. In 2012 she took WB for a 5 point major at a specialty and a few months later finished off her Championship at a large all breed show with a 4 point major! I am so proud of everything Heli has accomplished so far!

As a champion Heli has started her career off with a bang. This is her on the way to her first group placement! A group 4!

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