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Multi-BISS GCHS ArticCross n Double Helix FISH the Gene Pool, RN



GRCH CH Hawkwind’s ArticCross Emerald, CA (Rico)


GCH CH Hawkwind Rocks the Gene Pool


Nov 18, 2010

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Dec 31, 2022



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NEWS FLASH! FISH finishes his Championship by going Winners Dog at the 2012 Samoyed Club of America National Specialty in Gettysburg, PA!

Alright, Alright… So why on EARTH would we name a dog FISH?!?! Well his name is actually in line with the rest of the puppies from the genetics litter and goes back to genetics. His name comes from Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization (AKA F.I.S.H). FISH is used to detect and localize the presence or absence of specific DNA sequences on chromosomes. So the process literally “Fishes the gene pool” for DNA sequences. Cool right?

FISH’s greatest attribute is his goofy personality. He sometimes comes off as all work, but once you get to know him you understand his charming personality. He is great with other male dogs and such a sweet, gentle soul.

Anyways, beyond having what might be the cutest, and most unique dog name on the planet, FISH works as Julie’s service dog. Julie has MS and FISH does many different tasks for her. The most major one is Mobility Assistance.

Beyond his main focus in life as a service dog FISH has accomplished a lot of work. He is the youngest Samoyed to complete a Rally Novice title at just over 6 months of age. The photo above was taken the day he finished his title. He has matured a lot since then and gotten 3 Reserve Winners Dogs at specialties and has had a great time doing it! FISH finished his Championship by catching Winners Dog at the SCA 2012 National Specialty!

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