Rico (GRCH Hawkwind’s ArticCross Emerald, CA)

Mira (Bilrost’s Sentinel of Sundance)

Styrian (ArticCross n Erebor’s Art of Darkness)


The Genetics Litter (Rico and Allele-click here for pedigree):

FISH (Multi-BISS GRCH ArticCross n Double Helix Fish the Gene Pool, RN)

Heli (Multi HIT, GRCH ArticCross n Double Helix Unzip Your Genes, CDX BN GN RA CA CGC)

Mendel (CH ArticCross n Double Helix Mendelian Masterpiece, RN CA )

Sookie (GRCH Double Helix ArticCross Nu Blood At SFX, CA)

Fraggle (Double Helix n ArticCross Okazaki Fragment)

Kiska (Dbl Helix ArticCross Allelic Drift)


The Oklahoma Litter (Rico and Astrid-click here for pedigree):

Clay (ArticCross n Chatanika Red Rock Road, CA)

Easy (GRCH ArticCross n Chatanika Ok Easy Does It)

Okie (ArticCross n Chatanika OK State Of Mine)

Riggs (Chatanika n ArticCross Black Gold)

Mistletoe (Chatanika n ArticCross Kiss Me Once)


The French Litter (Effen and Sookie-click for pedigree):

Beau (ArticCross n SFX Le Neveu De L’Argile)


The Celestial Litter (Rico and Blizzie-click here for pedigree):

Gus (ArticCross n Snowdog’s Fault in Our Stars)


The Twisted Cookie Quote Litter (Rico and Mira- click here for pedigree):

Remi (ArticCross Where There Is Cookies There Is Life)

Youtuu (ArticCross Let There B Light & There Was Cookies)

Keeki (ArticCross Limelite Gimme Liberty or Gimme Cookies)

Arya (ArticCross Speak Softly & Carry A Big Cookie)




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