Berner Specialty – Dora got Award of Merit!

| October 24, 2010

Dora won the veterans bitch class against 7 other bitches, and won the Award of Merit in breed! I will have Julie post pictures when we get stable internet. Until then, good luck at the shows everyone!

The trip so far… The driver’s view.

| October 21, 2010

We are on our second night. Currently in Bismarck, ND. I would have pictures, but my phone is roaming, and moving pictures via usb is a pain. In other words, they will be here later. The drive has been fairly good. The sammy girls are being angels, all things considered. Dora on the other hand […]

On the ROAD!

| October 20, 2010

So excited.  Traveling cross country.  Dogs are washed and spiffy, Dora is ready for the Berner Specialty on Sunday in Woodstock, IL.

2010 Samoyed Club of America National Specialty

| October 11, 2010

We’re DRIVING!  Yes, we are insane people who went and bought a new car so we’d be less likely to suffer a breakdown.  Yes, the cost of driving is roughly equal to flying and shipping dogs.  We’ve opted to drive as we don’t want to ship any of the dogs at this time.