2014 Samoyed Club of America National Specialty

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Rico kids and grandkids have made us proud! With multiple puppies from all 5 of Rico’s litters we had an incredible time at the Samoyed Club of America National Specialty 2014!!! Rico hasn’t been bred a ton, but apparently he produces consistent quality in the litters he has produced. There are so many placements that they are hard to keep straight, so hopefully I catch most of them!

Some of these litters we co-bred, some we didn’t, so I have listed breeders so credit is made where credit is due. However, without the stunning bitches brought to Rico (and the ones that mom hunted down for co-breedings), these gorgeous babies wouldn’t exist.

In no particular order:

Rico x Blizzie bred by Lynn and Kevin Foley and Robinette Dunahugh-Ralston

Sweepstakes Second Place, 6-9 puppy dogs- Snowdogs ArticCross Double Helix Zeus- “Zeus

Sweepstakes Third Place, 6-9 puppy dogs- Snowdogs n ArticCross Fault in Our Stars- “Gus”

Sweepstakes Third Place, 6-9 puppy bitches- Snowdogs ArticCross Double Helix Cassiopeia- “Cassi”

Second Place, Am. Bred Bitches- Snowdogs ArticCross Double Helix Leia- “Leia”

Sweepstakes First Place, 6-9 puppy bitches and Best in Sweepstakes- Snowdogs ArticCross Double Helix Bellatrix “Bella”

After losing Blizzie shortly after their birth, these kids really made us proud and incredibly emotional. Sweepstakes will be a day we will never forget. Blizzie as a baby also took second place in Am. Bred at her first national, just like baby Leia. These guys are special and I can’t wait to see what is to come!


Rico x Allele- Bred by Robinette Dunahugh-Ralston, Julie Dunkle, Andrea Dunkle and Jason Rydstrand

Working Sweepstakes Third Place, CH ArticCross N Double Helix’s Mendelian Masterpiece RN CA CGC- “Mendel”

Working Bitch First Place, Qualifying Open Obedience Score, GCH ArticCross N. Double Helix Unzip Your Genes, CDX, BN, GN, RA, CA, CGC- “Heli”

Multiple cuts in BOB was GCh. Dbl Helix ArticCross Nu Blood At SFX, CA- “Sookie”

Absent was GCH ArticCross N Double Helix FISH The Gene Pool, RN – “FISH” who is recovering well from his bloat surgery at the beginning of the month! Go FISH!

I think in the last almost 4 years everyone has heard a ton about this litter. They are incredible and have so many accomplishments! However, we have to give a shout out to Momma Allele on her Award of Merit and Best Veteran!!! There is nothing better than ageing with beauty (and some extra fluffy coat!).


Dora x Rico bred by Donna Cummings and Brandy Burke

Futurity Third Place 9-12, Sweepstakes Third Place 9-12 puppy dogs, Wintersong’s Vash The Stampede- “Vash”

Futurity Fourth Place 9-12, Sweepstakes Second Place 9-12 puppy dogs, Wintersong’s Blue Moon Rising- “Indigo”

Futurity Fourth Place 9-12 Month puppy bitches, Wintersong’s N Doubletake’s Windwalker- “Breeze”

Futurity First Place 9-12 puppy dogs, Best Intersex 9-12 and Best Futurity Puppy- Wintersong’s Magic Flute- “Kato” Owner handled by Nancy Spear!


Also, these kids had fun herding and did an amazing job with multiple legs!  Congratulations to Donna and Brandy on such a beautiful and intelligent litter! And Brandy Congratulations on Ulla’s Select Bitch!


Rico x Astrid- Bred by Julie Dunkle & Jason Rydstrand & Kim Sampson

Award of Merit- CH Articcross N Chatanika’s Ok Easy Does It- “Easy” Owner handled by Paddi Thornburg

Easy and Paddi sure do make winning (and running) look easy! Easy is effortless, beautiful, graceful and has a temperament to die for.  We are thrilled at how she is growing up and that she has captured the Award of Merit before reaching 2 years of age! Congrats Paddi!


Rico x Piper bred by Lynn Scheffner

Sweepstakes First Place 15+ dogs, Third Place 12-18 month dogs, Articcross N Erebor’s Art of Darkness- “Styrian”

Styrian was shown by Drea in Sweepstakes and by his novice owner hander, Shannon, in the regular classes. We are so proud of Shannon for the work she has put into this boy!



Effen and Sookie bred by Lori Chapek Carleton and Julie Dunkle

Futurity Third Place 6-9, Sweepstakes Fourth Place 6-9, Second Place Am. Bred Dog- SFX ArticCross Make it So- “Jean Luc”

Futurity First Place, 6-9 and Best Intersex 6-9 month, Second Place Sweepstakes 6-9 puppy bitch, – SFX Artic Cross French Connection- “Priah” owned by Stephanie and Deborah Hedges!

Second Place, 6-9 month puppy bitches- SFX ArticCross French Kiss “Smooch”

These kids are something else! It is fun to see a blend of their parents, and how beautifully they work with their owners and handlers. We can’t be happier to see such a nice second generation out of Rico!


Also, we owe a HUGE thank you to Lori Garza and Kari McCloskey for their beautiful handling and all of their help throughout this amazing week!  Extra special thank you to all of the support from our friends and family throughout the week, you all know who you are!

Here is a quick collage of just a few of the puppies! (The photos of the dogs were picked at random and no dog, litter, or puppy was omitted purposefully! There is only so much room!) Click photo for larger view.

Quick Nationals 2014

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