New puppies at ArticCross!

Posted By on February 11, 2013

ArticCross Samoyeds announces the arrival of a new litter! Rico (GRCH Hawkwind’s ArticCross Emerald) was bred to Astrid (Chatanika’s White Oleander). Rico x Astrid Puppy Pedigree

Astrid is a wonderful mother, always checking in on her new puppies!

There are a total of five puppies, three boys and two girls! Born on February 9th 2013! This breeding will combine beauty, stunning movement, intelligence and working drive.

We are so thankful to Kim Sampson of Chatanika Samoyeds, a long time working Samoyed breeder for allowing us to have a litter with Astrid. Astrid is an incredible part of her sled team. She is intelligent, strong willed, and one of the most superb mothers we have ever seen. Her structure is phenomenal. Combined with Rico we expect these puppies to not only have the drive to work but the structure to do it effortlessly.

Beyond their ability to work we expect these puppies to be wonderful house dogs. All of our dogs are part of our family. Their ability to work never overrides their ability to be great family dogs. This breeding epitomizes our slogan of “Health, Temperament, Grace and Beauty”. Check out the litter page and back here for more updates on these sweet little puppies!

Inquiries for puppies are always welcome at !

Astrid taking a snooze with her brand new puppies! Welcome to the world little ones!

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