Alright… So we finally fixed our pages :)

Posted By on August 9, 2012

We had a crash a while back that messed up some things on here. Drea is here to save the day and finally decided it was time to update and fix it! So, in essence we have mostly brand new pages. Here they are!


And updates on his kids:







I could list a thousand different things that we have accomplished with the Rico kids this year. It has been an amazing year and it is really a testament to a great planned breedings with great dogs. I can’t list everything but the things that stick out are: Out of the litter we have 2 champions (Sookie and Heli), Sookie is close to her Grand Championship, Mendel just recently got his first major, FISH is just one point from his championship. FISH is also the youngest Samoyed to ever earn a Rally Novice title at just over 6 months old! They have Multiple Winners and Best of Winners at specialties. Best of Opposite at a specialty, Multiple Reserve winners at specialties and these kids aren’t even 2 yet! For details on their individual accomplishments check out their pages.

L to R: Mendel, Fraggle, Papa Rico, FISH, Heli and Sookie!

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  1. It’s been awhile since we talked to Julie. We are the proud owners of Kiska. We recently moved from Homer, Alaska to Cherokee Village, Arkansas. It appears you are located in Florida and Oklahoma.

    We still have our motorhome in Alaska but would love to visit you this summer as I know Kiska would love to see his brothers and sisters.

    We’ll send you Kiska’s current pictures when it is confirmed I have the right information.

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